“Mark’s desire to explore the boundaries of explicit eroticism has found a forum here that, at least superficially, allows a range that shows what he has done in his pro career is only the tip of the iceberg…”

Eliot R. Brown, penthouse comix

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“If there was ever an artist born to draw Penthouse Comix, it’s Mr. Beachum.”

George Caragonne, penthouse comix

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“FEMMEROTISEXIVISION – a point of view honoring the power and erotic mystery of the force called “female.””

Eliot R. Brown, penthouse comix



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“His brilliant eye for design and the female form are welcome here for many years to come.”

George Caragonne, penthouse comix

“As TAFKAP (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) would say – 2 SEXY!!”

Eliot R. Brown, penthouse comix

“His painted work is mouthwatering, and of course, we want more and will get it… But you should see his ink work; his line is reaching the maturity of a master….”

Eliot R. Brown, penthouse comix

“Beachum has always done our kind of two fisted sizzling action, but always had his hands tied by gutless wimps at other comic companies, whining about PC bullshit.”

George Caragonne, penthouse comix